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Fishing packages with
alcoholic beverages



Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks;



Water, soda, juice and beer (Amstel, Brahma Double Malt, Skol and Itaipava) 600ml bottle in the restaurant, can in the boat) – Long neck not included;



Rooms with Split air conditioning, minibar, Flat screen TV, box bed and private bathroom, wi-fi and tower

with cell phone signal;



• 60hp boat, padded and swivel chairs

 Capacity up to 3 fishermen;

• Life jackets;

• Experienced pilot;

• Gasoline (25 liters/day)

 Enough for fishing in the spots

 from the inn;

• 50 baits/day per fisherman (tuviras);

• Ice and cooler for drinks.

 (water, soda, juices and canned beer)

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