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Here you will find everything you need to know to stay with comfort and warmth!
Your stay in a pleasant and unforgettable way. The best of fishing and swampland with the comfort you deserve. The best of Mato Grosso cuisine. In addition to a beautiful green area for bird watching. come and visit us and enjoy the natural beauties of Mato Grosso and our Pantaneira hospitality.

Pousada Barra do Aricá is located in the State of Mato Grosso between the municipalities of Santo Antônio de Leverger and Barão de Melgaço in the North Pantanal, on the banks of the Cuiabá River, an extensive and voluminous river, which provides a large number of Fish Species such as painted, cachara, dourado (sport fishing), pacu, piraputanga, barbado, jurupensém, jurupoca, palmito, piauçu among others, immensely favoring the use of natural and artificial baits in fisheries.


Entrance to the northern Pantanal of Mato Grosso, the Cuiabá river is a natural fish nursery, where in the past it suffered from overfishing. Currently, with the changes in environmental laws (periacema period for spawning, prohibition of slaughtering dourado, weight control and number of specimens to be transported, requirement of an amateur fisherman's license, etc.) and a greater awareness of amateur and riverine fishermen who depend on fishing activity, has once again become one of the biggest and most beautiful spots for sport fishing in Brazil.


Our inn has a great structure, all geared towards sport fishing, so you can enjoy all the comfort and a pleasant stay, with the best of fishing and the north mato-grossense pantanal. We are waiting for you with all the comfort and tranquility, emotion and a lot of adventure in fishing and tours in the region.

``All men are born equal, but only the best become fishermen.´´

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Structure for your fishing!

16 air-conditioned suites, with minibar, flat screen TV and box bed; being 01 PNE suites;

Accessibility ramps leading to the main points of the inn.


Air-conditioned TV room

Air-conditioned game room;

Swimming pool with waterfall for adults/children;

Cozy restaurant with a varied regional menu, offering typical dishes from all regions of Brazil, and with a colonial-style, diverse and tasty breakfast.

Deck by the river, where you can enjoy pleasant and picturesque moments.

60hp motor boats, with cover, padded and swivel chairs;

Boat marina, with up and down speedboats up to 19 feet;

Fishing gear and regional items store;

Wireless Satellite Internet (Wi-Fi) in common areas

Cell tower with signal for the main operators.

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